Great start of 2015

“Do not be complacent about the current situation.
Take it upon yourself to make changes.
Do something different to get different results.”

A sub 2.30 marathon in Khon Kaen on January 25th has been my main focus since November. 50k in the North Face 100 Thailand the weekend after was a “fun run” if my body felt fresh enough.

Khon Kaen Marathon 2015

Higher mileage, different training, better fueling and smarter racing… three months of hard training did pay off the last two weekends. 7th place overall in Khon Kaen after a smoking new marathon PB of 2.27.18 (all results). The expression “train hard, race easy” has never been more true. Yesterday’s win in North Face’s 50k was a bonus. The great competition from superb ultra runner Vlad Ixel, trigged me to run hard throughout the race (results).

TNF 100 Thailand - 50k finish

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8 comments on “Great start of 2015
  1. Rae says:

    Amazing performances! Congrats on the hard earned PB! Would love to hear more about this “better fueling”.
    Nice to have you back we’ve missed your reports.

  2. Still no results from Khon Kaen. Maybe you could suggest to them tat they pull their finger out.

  3. Sorry about my previous remark . You have the results . Where did you get them and congratulations on a great run.

  4. I see from your results that I placed 4 in the 65 and up age group. They did not tell me on the day. I have been trying to get there for five years. I am well encouraged and think if I train really hard this year there is very outside chance I could win my age group. Well done again on your performance . Quality: as it was not a quick year.

  5. Guy calcagno says:

    Well Henrik, you are true champion & your modesty abounds.
    Most of all you love a good chat to us mere mortals.
    This is an unbelievable effort! Most of us would not even contemplate what you have done in the last two weeks.
    Marathon backed up with 50k off road ultra. Absolute super.
    I also would love to hear more on the “Train Hard” program
    & the fuelling.

  6. Eddie says:

    Wow what a PP you ran. Congratulation. Eager myself to achieve good results again now that I am in the process of rebuilding my running ability. BTW, my PP in Marathon is 3:07
    Would you mind to reveal more on your different training and better fueling? I am sure I can take something out of it for my own training. Would much appreciate. Thanks

  7. Grit says:

    Congratulation! You are super.

  8. Donovan says:

    Well done Henrik. You are an inspiration to us all, and especially to those of us always trying to get better. To modestly collect people’s drop bags at the NF at registration and then to run how you did – you are a fantastic ambassador for the sport. I am sure Vlad and Ryan enjoyed the duel. Have a great 2015 – look forward to seeing you around.

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